A brand new year

January 13, 2016

Hey all. Typing this on my janky surface keyboard. So i aplogize for any misspeled wrds or oher ypos.

Only half kidding. I'll start to care now that the joke exists!
So, it's been a little while. But we're here now, and that's what matters. At least that's what all the rom-coms tell me.
We're making some cool announcements- like mwmmissingh.blogspot.com is now live! And Rudy is probably going to adepticon maybe.... likely. 
But finally, we continue our series, "what to expect when you're expecting" with a one off on the neverborn. Grain of salt, friends, it's never been any of our main factions. But we've seen em on the table, and each have played a little bit.... Just sayin'. Grain of salt.
SO! Without further ado. The long awaited ep one of season two? Year two episode one? Episode 26? Whatever! IT'S MISTAKES WERE MAAAADE! (Kermit arm flailing.)

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