Gencon Swoonisode

July 14, 2015

This is the one where we do a cross over with Joe and Adam of Cheated Fates!

It's been a long time in the works.
K, that's a lie. We've been talking about being excited about Gencon release stuff. We thought, with it being so close, that today would be the day they released the master-list. We scheduled it, then Wyrd sent us the head fake with the Brotherhood of the Rat, we panicked a touch, but they came through for us after all! So we basically decided it was up to use to come together to talk about all the things we want to by. To try and expel the hypeness and maybe get ourselves to a place where we could logically and reasonably go through our individual budgets and figure out what were the must buys.
So! Sit back and enjoy four geeks getting way to excited about plastic toys they probably can't afford, and spend some time on your own figuring this all out. 
And remember when you don't have time to make a mistake, listen to cheated fates radio. Or something like that.
Link to the shirts:
Link to the Newsleter for the rest of it:
Note- the site might be pretty slow. It's been a little busy lately. Trying to contain it. They hypeness that is.

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