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February 3, 2016

Good evening. Or morning. Or day... you know what. Let (time) = (The time of day it currently is to you).

Good (time!)
Thanks again for checking out the Mistakes were made podcast. I don't know if anyone reads these things... I guess I could try and slip something in here and see if anyone catches it. What would I slip in here though... I'll have to think about it. Maybe next time I'll have a good idea for what to hide in the show notes......
Shit! The show notes!
Today we talk about a bunch of stuff! How there's still only one actual post at themissingh. How Rudy's going to be hosting OFCC this year. How Rudy and Ken are flying all over the damn country to play this silly little game we love so much. Friendship, man. Powerful stuff.
We talk about the GG 2016 document, and how Levi players can like it or lump it. It's back payments for all the scheme points people couldn't get off you for assassinate. Think about it. 
And then finally, we do our sixth installment of the "What to expect when you're expecting", the outcasts. Those wiley devils. What can you even expect to expect when the faction ranges from an undead woman who manipulates time, an undead malifaux icon, a nigh-unkillable old man with a wicked right hook, a pair of bouxom bloodthirsty babes, a Hulk Hogan wannabe, a stealthy assassin with an enormous staff, the nastiest pandemic ever to hit the sewers and.... hmmm.... what's that other one. Nope. All seven are in there. Nevermind. Weird. I thought I missed one.
Well whatever. We talk about it to the best of our ability. Though, really, given the chance we could talk about the outcasts all (time). We don't. We spend a totally reasonable amount of time talking about them. 
I hope you enjoy our latest submission to the podcast-o-sphere! If you enjoyed it, let us know on twitter! Or the email. I should probably go check that right now....
Nope. Just a bunch of new followers. Which is good. But really, we would love to connect. Hm. Yeah! Hit us up! Maybe after you've finished listening to the podcast to(time). (That one doesn't work if you're listing in the morning... tomorning isn't a thing... but today and to night? Totally legit.) Man. My rambly type is in true form... MISTAKES WERE MADE!

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