The Amnesiasode

August 24, 2015

This one we all have a slew of games against Tara.

Only half kidding!
Al Starts his descent into madness. Or at least despair. He's playing Pandora. That's what I'm trying to get at.
Rudy finishes off the Gremlins and the Ressurs strong with two games of ophelia and a game of Molly.That leave him primarily focusing on the Thunders and only the Thunders.
Ken..... LIVES! He is officially here. and officially. His twitter handle even changed! I didn't even ask him to do that! HE JUST DID! 
We also introduce a new segment that we blatantly ripped off then tweaked slightly called "the Lightning Round!" (Thunder noise). Basically, we do a fast paced Before we Begin type game setup (though no board...). A deployment, a strat, and a set of schemes, and our given faction and the declared faction of the opponent. Then (in a short amount of time) we talk about what we would probably do master and crew wise in a tournament setting. (Meaning, basically, Bodyguard came up. And while I might've done it in a normal game, I wouldn't necessarily in a tournament... Anyways...)
LIGHTING ROUND! If you like the lightning round, let us know. We can tag s'more in.
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