“Quick” Cast

February 25, 2016

We made an episode "real quick".

You can't hear it but at the top of the ep, Ken and I agree, "Let's just do a quick one, right?" "Yeah, totally..."
Right. An hour and a half is totally quick. It's a nice little catch up, though. No fancy topic today (it was supposed to be quick, right?) so we talk about our games, do our annoucements, and get a little rambly. Like always. In fact, I'm not sure there's an F-Bomb in there... Oh man. I've let you down. I'm sorry.
Enjoy the episode! We'll see you back in a couple weeks. Then we'll likely have another adeptisode. And move forwards from there!

It’s a bouncing baby mercenary!

February 3, 2016

Good evening. Or morning. Or day... you know what. Let (time) = (The time of day it currently is to you).

Good (time!)
Thanks again for checking out the Mistakes were made podcast. I don't know if anyone reads these things... I guess I could try and slip something in here and see if anyone catches it. What would I slip in here though... I'll have to think about it. Maybe next time I'll have a good idea for what to hide in the show notes......
Shit! The show notes!
Today we talk about a bunch of stuff! How there's still only one actual post at themissingh. How Rudy's going to be hosting OFCC this year. How Rudy and Ken are flying all over the damn country to play this silly little game we love so much. Friendship, man. Powerful stuff.
We talk about the GG 2016 document, and how Levi players can like it or lump it. It's back payments for all the scheme points people couldn't get off you for assassinate. Think about it. 
And then finally, we do our sixth installment of the "What to expect when you're expecting", the outcasts. Those wiley devils. What can you even expect to expect when the faction ranges from an undead woman who manipulates time, an undead malifaux icon, a nigh-unkillable old man with a wicked right hook, a pair of bouxom bloodthirsty babes, a Hulk Hogan wannabe, a stealthy assassin with an enormous staff, the nastiest pandemic ever to hit the sewers and.... hmmm.... what's that other one. Nope. All seven are in there. Nevermind. Weird. I thought I missed one.
Well whatever. We talk about it to the best of our ability. Though, really, given the chance we could talk about the outcasts all (time). We don't. We spend a totally reasonable amount of time talking about them. 
I hope you enjoy our latest submission to the podcast-o-sphere! If you enjoyed it, let us know on twitter! Or the email. I should probably go check that right now....
Nope. Just a bunch of new followers. Which is good. But really, we would love to connect. Hm. Yeah! Hit us up! Maybe after you've finished listening to the podcast to(time). (That one doesn't work if you're listing in the morning... tomorning isn't a thing... but today and to night? Totally legit.) Man. My rambly type is in true form... MISTAKES WERE MADE!

A brand new year

January 13, 2016

Hey all. Typing this on my janky surface keyboard. So i aplogize for any misspeled wrds or oher ypos.

Only half kidding. I'll start to care now that the joke exists!
So, it's been a little while. But we're here now, and that's what matters. At least that's what all the rom-coms tell me.
We're making some cool announcements- like mwmmissingh.blogspot.com is now live! And Rudy is probably going to adepticon maybe.... likely. 
But finally, we continue our series, "what to expect when you're expecting" with a one off on the neverborn. Grain of salt, friends, it's never been any of our main factions. But we've seen em on the table, and each have played a little bit.... Just sayin'. Grain of salt.
SO! Without further ado. The long awaited ep one of season two? Year two episode one? Episode 26? Whatever! IT'S MISTAKES WERE MAAAADE! (Kermit arm flailing.)

Season One Finale!

December 3, 2015

Or... is it the annual episode? I don't want to spoil anything. We totally talk about that topic. DAMNIT! Spoiled it.

Here are some other spoilers!
Rudy and Al made it to 5 games played with all owned masters.
Rudy and Al's last game with each last master was AGAINST EACH OTHER! That was pretty rad.
We wax poetic about how we're going to turn the "H" part of "Hag" into a blog so we can stop doing it. One day, maybe we'll follow through! STAY TUNED!
We talk Wyrd Black Friday, and some other interesting announcements. Tournaments, henchman stuff... the like.
FINALLY! We do part two of our four part series, "What to Expect when you're expecting..." to face the guild and the arcanists. Bust episode! Strap in! Enjoy! Mistakes....... were made.

The Phoenix!

October 22, 2015

We're back!

Okay, Phoenix may be a little hyperbolic, but you know what. It's good to be back.
We talk about our new H-less H.A.G. We haven't setup the blog yet... >.<;
We talk about our games! Very few have been played... We've been busy.
We talk about the first part of our new limited run segment, "What to expect when you're expecting (to face a new faction.) This week, we'll cover Ken and Al's home slices Gremlins and Ressurs. 
Thanks for bearing with us! We're back and on schedule. Hopefully you didn't miss us too much. We certainly missed you.

The Karaokeisode

September 16, 2015

We talk games, worldwide events, and how to start a campaign.

Do to scheduling craziness this episode is split into a couple of parts. Rudy and Al open it up. Ken and Al Chat for a bit, and Al and Rudy discuss the new campaigns starting up.

The next few weeks are likely to remain busy so savor this one. Next episode won’t be out until early october at the earliest


Joe’s TTB Campaign Video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AFwYufX3paQ


The Amnesiasode

August 24, 2015

This one we all have a slew of games against Tara.

Only half kidding!
Al Starts his descent into madness. Or at least despair. He's playing Pandora. That's what I'm trying to get at.
Rudy finishes off the Gremlins and the Ressurs strong with two games of ophelia and a game of Molly.That leave him primarily focusing on the Thunders and only the Thunders.
Ken..... LIVES! He is officially here. and officially. His twitter handle even changed! I didn't even ask him to do that! HE JUST DID! 
We also introduce a new segment that we blatantly ripped off then tweaked slightly called "the Lightning Round!" (Thunder noise). Basically, we do a fast paced Before we Begin type game setup (though no board...). A deployment, a strat, and a set of schemes, and our given faction and the declared faction of the opponent. Then (in a short amount of time) we talk about what we would probably do master and crew wise in a tournament setting. (Meaning, basically, Bodyguard came up. And while I might've done it in a normal game, I wouldn't necessarily in a tournament... Anyways...)
LIGHTING ROUND! If you like the lightning round, let us know. We can tag s'more in.
If you're looking to suggest topics of conversation, build questions, master segments, or request tutorials and things, you can hit us up on our email: 
Or you can hit up our Twitter Account:

Drinking Age-isode

August 11, 2015

Ken's a part of the show!

Ken's super excited to join us today!
Ken has a fever and has to bow out.
... C'mon! Okay, maybe next week we do an extra ep and talk about something where he can join in and stuff. WHO KNOWS. Maybe his sickness is your gain or something.
Luckily, he has plenty of time to rest.
Al and Rudy talk about some general games and stuff- Al went to Gencon! He had a blast. Rudy went to Beerlifaux and FNM, and finished off two masters, and one faction. Gettin' close y'all. Real close.
It's a pretty simple ep this week- we'll try and start getting some specific style tacticool content in the coming weeks as we welcome Ken officially into the fold.

Ep 20- The Ordo Fanatisode

July 23, 2015

Al and Rudy are joined by top players, Dan Johnson and Ted Prodromou. (I think I spelled that right. Johnson?)

We talk through the 12 person event we had last weekend in Vancouver WA. It was a blast- we had some seriously strong competition and games. A real blast.
Al tells us he's got a gag order and can't tell us about the one game he got to play. Understandable, it will be heard in depth at:
Ted also has a podcast! Or, he's on a podcast? Both, I think...
We also talk about a bunch of other podcasters!
Dan Miner's: http://www.fauxshow.ca/
Josh Cal: http://www.throughthebreach.com/

Tune in and list to us blather on about our games last week. And while I don't say it on the cast itself, I'VE CLOSED OUT GUILD. Two factions down. The rest should be following pretty quickly.

Rudy out!

Gencon Swoonisode

July 14, 2015

This is the one where we do a cross over with Joe and Adam of Cheated Fates!

It's been a long time in the works.
K, that's a lie. We've been talking about being excited about Gencon release stuff. We thought, with it being so close, that today would be the day they released the master-list. We scheduled it, then Wyrd sent us the head fake with the Brotherhood of the Rat, we panicked a touch, but they came through for us after all! So we basically decided it was up to use to come together to talk about all the things we want to by. To try and expel the hypeness and maybe get ourselves to a place where we could logically and reasonably go through our individual budgets and figure out what were the must buys.
So! Sit back and enjoy four geeks getting way to excited about plastic toys they probably can't afford, and spend some time on your own figuring this all out. 
And remember when you don't have time to make a mistake, listen to cheated fates radio. Or something like that.
Link to the shirts:
Link to the Newsleter for the rest of it:
Note- the site might be pretty slow. It's been a little busy lately. Trying to contain it. They hypeness that is.