Ep 18: The Competisode

July 7, 2015

Al and Rudy talk about their HGA. H'gaaaahhh... Higuuuaaaahhh. Hugaaaagghhh....

... Sorry about that. Hga. We talk about it in a weird order 'cause we have a couple pretty cool announcements. It's not even, like, "sometime in the future" kind of announcements Well- one is, two are not... Well- I don't want to spoil them for you. You'll just have to read it yourself. I mean... listen. To the podcast.
We also broach a subject that's been on my mind..... basically forever. The subject of competitive play. How can you play like a champion when you're afraid of hurting feelings. How can you pick a strong list when you're brain actually tells you that the list is too strong?! TELL ME! We discuss it, and will likely continue to discuss it.
Finally, and this is a spoiler for one of the announcements, but I said I'd put it in the show notes...
-Spoiler Alert-
There you've been warned.
We've started up a Patreon account. Feel like helping support some dudes talking about your favorite game? Pitch a dollar or two at us over at the website. Feel like making me squeal with glee? Consider pitching a couple. Want MWM merchandise, like patches, tokens, or other gaming aides? Get a whole bunch of friends to do the same! What you're getting right now is the bare minimum! Volunteerism! We can up the ante. We'd like to improve our game. But we need your help.
Give us a look. We'll add more stuff to that as we get a chance- like a welcome video, and more goals and such. This is just to get us started. 
Thanks again for listening to our podcast. We wouldn't have set up the thing if we didn't feel like we had a wide listener base. We appreciate you listening more than anything else. Please do continue to do that.Like right now. ... To this episode. 'Cause why not, it's here. :P

Ep 17: Califaux- the roadtripasode

June 17, 2015
Rudy road tripped 20 hours, and now he's back and ready to report on Califaux. 
Al finally declares gremlins, but will he do it again. (Probably it is a league it would be rude to switch now.)
Henchman Hardcore - Yeah we got that
Gaining Grounds - Check
Guild talk- Definitely 
Gremlins -  Check
tourney report -  Check
Beer -  Yep
Crooligans- ...

Ep 16: The Arcanasode Pt1

May 29, 2015

Labeled part one because some day, Al will have an arcanasode, not because I talked for so long it needed to get split up into two part...

Wait. I'm getting ahead of myself.
I finished my first faction! I had a game with Kaeris, it was my last with her, and my last to five with the arcanists! That means... progress? I think? It's one of my two bigger factions, so I feel pretty good about having it knocked out. Unfortunately, my other big faction is the big hurdle that's left! 
We talk the H.A.G., events we're going to, perhaps we'll see you there?! WHO KNOWS! You do. Because you know if you'll be at the event we'll be at. There's no possible way for us to know your schedule. But you'll know ours... so...... yeah. That follows, right?
So tonight, we do our regular jabbering, and I talk about how I've loved declaring Colette-.... I mean..... Arcanists!

Ep 15: Breaching the ‘Sode

May 13, 2015

Al and Rudy welcome special guests Ken (from the Gremlisode) and Mark Handford from The Faux Show!

We do a Hag (It's very short. All of the games we played were talked about in...)
The tournament report for Breaching the Faux!
It's all in there. All the gorey details. The grudge matches. The schemes, the lists, the mistakes.
The Faux Show: http://www.fauxshow.ca/
Adepticon Details!: http://www.adepticon.org/
North American Malifaux Rankings!: http://wyrd-games.net/community/topic/108356-warscorenet-as-a-replacement-to-malifauxrankings-in-us/
Netflix.horse! http://www.netflix.horse
See you next time! Where I talk about how many percents there are in a percent. Yo dawg, I hear you like numbers.

EP 14- Eventisode

April 27, 2015

Rudy Hosts a tournament, Alan participates in one. Everyone learns something. ... Something.

We do our normal Hobby Games and such, and then talk about the two events that we had- My tournament this last weekend, and his attendance of the Michigan open. 
We also talk briefly about Breaching the Faux- What am I going to play to try to optimize my chances to take any best faction? 
Sorry we were gone for three weeks! Only a week longer than usual, but BfbDan asked if we were still producing, to which I said, "Um... yeah." But what I really wanted to say was, "I can't produce an hour plus a week like you can! You NEVER understood my art!" Then I would've run to my bedroom and slammed the door- but I didn't do that. I just said, "Um... yeah." 
So- Sorry about the wait. :)

Ep 13: The Gremlinsode

April 7, 2015

We all knew this day would come.

Following on the heels of the official release date of the Brewmaster, and Al and I's inevitable decline into the rootbeer colored faction (that totally does exist, contrary to popular trolling), we sit down and have a frank discussion about the Gremlins.
Joining us today is Ken, a local bacon lover, and my Portland guide to the bayou. (I talked extensively with Miles and Mark from Detroit about Ophelia before I put her on the table, of course. Forewarned is forearmed.) 
SO! Cuddle up to your favorite piggy, grab yourself some shine, shout "sooooweeeee" and make him squeel like a pig. And enjoy this weeks episode of Mistakes were Made!

Last of the Preteens!

March 22, 2015

We're here! The last episode before we get into the "terrible teens". Hopefully they're not as bad as they sound... maybe we'll just skip right to ep 20. 

Alan plays a few games to prepare for a tourney he doesn't get to go to! Rudy plays a game with Alan, mostly because he's been too busy going to the beach to get to go to malifaux night. It's a hard life, right?
We also talk about which events we want to go to in the coming year. Next year in the holyland. I mean Adepticon.
Finally, we briefly discuss my toe-dipping into the gremlin faction, and how quickly a toe-dip can turn into a cannonball.
They grow up so fast... Grab your brushes! Or your MAX fare, or whatever... And enjoy, Mistakes Were Made!!!

What’s in the Box?!

March 7, 2015
Today we are joined by Cheated Fates Adam!
We talk updates, campaigns, flying Ice Golems, and Malifaux's sweetheart... I mean... Mind-twisting psycho hose beast... Pandora! 
We also officially pimp some events that are potentially happening in a city near you! Or if not... maybe you should think about relocating. Or coming for a visit? Who knows. 
I also wanted to take a second to thank y'all and all y'all for continuing to listen to the mad ramblings of a couple dudes. 10 episodes in and we're at ~5000+ plays. We hope you have as much fun listening to our casts as we do making 'em, and look forward to the next set. Thanks again, and spread the word!
So! Grab your brushes, your clean water, and your beverage of choice- (Remembering not to clean your brush in your beer, or pound the murky leftover pigment), and enjoy Mistakes were Made!
Links for the doobledy doo.

MWM EP-10 The Big One-Oh; The Campaign Episode

February 19, 2015

Now with 50% more hosts!

Dan Johnson of the Before We Begin podcasts joins us today to talk game updates, and then talk about why it's so important to give feedback to the beta. I mean... 
We really talk about what this whole "Campaign" thing is about, and what makes it so much fun. Which it is. You should try it.
So, grab some popcorn and some paints, lock the cat in the bathroom, and enjoy, before we begin to make some mistakes. I mean... Beginning to Make some Mistakes... I mean... Mistakes Were Made!

Ep 9: Chuck Hasselhoffman

February 11, 2015

The gang does a quick update (including a campaign beta game!), and does a good old fashioned H.A.G. (Thanks to Joe for the awkward acronym.)

I play my two most of a games (they were basically done. Trust me.)
Al gets his game in.
We talk about the campaign system, very briefly. With a promist to talk about it s'more next week. (Once Al has read the rules. And I'll be another game or two into the process!)
We then talk about one of my favorite masters, C. Hoffman and "The Hoff-Bots". General overview, favorite tactics and schemes, and eventaully a smattering questions from the public. 
Finally, we steal a page out of the Before we Begin playbook, and flips the schemes and strats of the game Al and I wanted to play shortly thereafter. Talk about what we think about based on our faction and the opponent's declared faction. A little bit of theory-faux on what we're thinking about playing based on the schemes and strats.
So! Plug in, turn up, tune in, and enjoy. Ep 9 of Mistakes were Made!