Mistakes were Made; A Malifaux Podcast

Ep 9: Chuck Hasselhoffman

February 11, 2015

The gang does a quick update (including a campaign beta game!), and does a good old fashioned H.A.G. (Thanks to Joe for the awkward acronym.)

I play my two most of a games (they were basically done. Trust me.)
Al gets his game in.
We talk about the campaign system, very briefly. With a promist to talk about it s'more next week. (Once Al has read the rules. And I'll be another game or two into the process!)
We then talk about one of my favorite masters, C. Hoffman and "The Hoff-Bots". General overview, favorite tactics and schemes, and eventaully a smattering questions from the public. 
Finally, we steal a page out of the Before we Begin playbook, and flips the schemes and strats of the game Al and I wanted to play shortly thereafter. Talk about what we think about based on our faction and the opponent's declared faction. A little bit of theory-faux on what we're thinking about playing based on the schemes and strats.
So! Plug in, turn up, tune in, and enjoy. Ep 9 of Mistakes were Made!