Drinking Age-isode

August 11, 2015

Ken's a part of the show!

Ken's super excited to join us today!
Ken has a fever and has to bow out.
... C'mon! Okay, maybe next week we do an extra ep and talk about something where he can join in and stuff. WHO KNOWS. Maybe his sickness is your gain or something.
Luckily, he has plenty of time to rest.
Al and Rudy talk about some general games and stuff- Al went to Gencon! He had a blast. Rudy went to Beerlifaux and FNM, and finished off two masters, and one faction. Gettin' close y'all. Real close.
It's a pretty simple ep this week- we'll try and start getting some specific style tacticool content in the coming weeks as we welcome Ken officially into the fold.

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