Season One Finale!

December 3, 2015

Or... is it the annual episode? I don't want to spoil anything. We totally talk about that topic. DAMNIT! Spoiled it.

Here are some other spoilers!
Rudy and Al made it to 5 games played with all owned masters.
Rudy and Al's last game with each last master was AGAINST EACH OTHER! That was pretty rad.
We wax poetic about how we're going to turn the "H" part of "Hag" into a blog so we can stop doing it. One day, maybe we'll follow through! STAY TUNED!
We talk Wyrd Black Friday, and some other interesting announcements. Tournaments, henchman stuff... the like.
FINALLY! We do part two of our four part series, "What to Expect when you're expecting..." to face the guild and the arcanists. Bust episode! Strap in! Enjoy! Mistakes....... were made.

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