The Missing Kenisode

March 27, 2016

Easter recording date? Oh snap, dawg. Ken's gota to skip out. That's fine, tho. We kicked it old school with just Al and Rudy chatting about next weekend, the easter sale, and what we've been up to. Spoiler alter. There's some Malifaux involved. We're both basically getting ready for Adepticon next weekend, and playing games with folk to get our head around these new scheme and strats.

We're trying out some new software, and during the editing process I decided I don't like it. So if there are odd transitions or gaps, it might be our odd transitions and gaps. Or it might be that the recording software had a lag and drop 15-20 seconds of conversation.

Regardless! I stitched it all back up and made a new episode of mistakes were made! This one just happens to be aptly named.

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